How do I access my amped wireless router?

To get an access over your Amped wireless range extender, it is better advised to enter, default web address that definitely helps you to directly interact with the Amped graphical user interface.On the same way, by login to an amped wireless router, one can easily configure or access the router in a hassle-free manner. Therefore, in the below section, we are going to share the information to easily
access the router.

Steps to access the Amped wireless router

To complete the procedure, the users are prompted to follow the
below steps carefully. These steps include:-
The initial step is to reach the login page of your amped wireless router to connect to its network.Moreover, to establish a connection among the devices, either establish a wired or wireless connection. Let’s suppose, if the user doesn’t know values of the Wi-Fi password for amped wireless router, thus it is suggested to connect your devices with the help of an Ethernet cable (wired connection).

Note:- The wired connection will not require any password.

In the second step, the users have to navigate an updated internet browser as well as provide the amped wireless

router’s internet protocol address in the corresponding address bar.  Apart from this, the most general default internet protocol address is In case, if this default address will not work then, search for

the IP address for each and every model. The IP address may very from one model to another.

Finally, in the field of username as well as password, you have to enter the current and correct username and password.Tap on the Sign-in button. In case, if you have not changed the amped wireless router default login password, then you may have to use the default login details only.  Also in case, if you don’t know the password and username, then use the default credentials to access the Amped router login page.


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