setup.ampedwireless-How to Setup Amped R20000G Dual Band Router?

Amped, the famous brand introduces a wide range of wireless communications
that can smartly be used for several purposes. They come with a high power dual-
band that includes a high range of 2.5 GHz. This Amped has inbuilt strong
processor as well ass dual 5dbi high gain antennas to cover the area up to 10,000
square ft.
Setup guide for Amped R20000G dual-band router
In this sections, we are going to share the important steps, which definitely helps
the user to perform Amped R20000G dual-band router setup. Steps to be

followed are:-

1. In the initial step, you have to disconnect and then, power off the Amped
a router which is currently existing.
2. Now, in the second step, you have switched off your existing modem by
disconnecting the modem power adapter from the power source outlet.
Along with make it sure, you have already prepared a proper backup.
Thereafter, you may try to remove the battery of the modem and proceed
to the next step.
Moreover, until the user finishes the above points until do not try to power
ON of the modem).

3. Try to connect the high power to your modem.
a) In order to connect, you have to take the help of an existing blue
Ethernet cable and then, connect to one end of the cable of the modem.
b) Once you connect the one end, then you may need to connect another
end of the Ethernet cable to the blue modem part on high power router.
4. In this step, plug-in your modem’s power adapter as well as try to re-insert
the backup battery if and only it is available. Now, wait for a while, till the
modem will start.
5. Power on the Amped wireless router and try to make a strong and reliable
connection with your computer. It includes the following step:-
a) Connect the 2 antennas.
b) Attach the included grey Ethernet cable to the available network.

c) At last, connect the power adapter to the high power router.
6. Fortunately, the need to navigate a preferred internet browser over your
Wi-Fi enabled device. Then, follow the below points to proceed to the next
1. Formerly, enter the web address.

Note: In situation, if the URL gets fails to open and provide and error then, try to enter (IP address) into the web address bar.
2. Enter the correct login credentials in order to access the login page.

Once, your details get verified, then one can easily access the setup page even
without facing any complications. Additionally, your amped router is properly
Setup by using the above-mentioned points.

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