Wireless sr10000 Setup

When I entered it failed to open the Web Menu. What to do?


1. You need to ensure that your computer is connected to the High Power Router via Ethernet cable. The High Power Router should be powered ON.
2.Ensure that your computer isn’t connected to any WiFi networks. If it is connected, disable it and reboot the router and try again.

3.Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (8.0 and up). If it was already open, close it and reopen. 

4.Enter into the URL/ web address bar.

5.Reset your High Power Router to default settings. You can do so by holding the Reset Button for ten (10) seconds and try again. The reset button is located at the back of the Router.


There are issues with features on the Web Menu. When I click buttons, it does not respond to my action.




  • Check whether you are using a supported web browser. We recommend using “Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (8.0 and up) anSafari”. These issues come up when you are using an unsupported web browser, such as Firefox.

            Therefore please change to one of the supported web browsers and try again.

DSL connection is not accessing the Internet through the High Power Router. What to do?


  • To access the internet from your internet plan/ internet service provider, you need to log in with their credentials. To enter it, go to Smart Setup Wizard > Manual Configuration > access the PPPoE menu from the dropdown menu. Enter the required login credentials for your Internet provider.

Why could this Smart Setup Wizard not automatically configure my Internet connection?


1.You need to reset your Modem. Just press the reset button located at the back of the Modem for approximately 5 seconds.
2.Unplug the power adapter and plug it back to Reboot the High Power Router.
3.Next up is Static IP. Your Internet connection may ask for a static IP setting. If you don’t have it, contact your ISP to get the IP settings.
4.A DSL Connection, your Internet connection will ask you to log in. If you are using PPPoE mode,
5.your internet connection settings will be manually configured to obtain your username and password.
6.Cable Modem: Your Internet connection may ask you to clone your MAC address. Go to More Settings >  IP Settings > Internet Network (WAN) and select. Automatic/Dynamic (DHCP) from the dropdown menu. Now Clone your PCs MAC address under the DNS settings.

Why am I not getting full signals when connected to the High Power Router?

1.You need to check your WiFi signal standing at least 10 feet away from the High Power Router We will tell you why the High Power Router emits high power and long-range Wi-Fi signals that may confuse your device to read the accurate signal strength at close range.  
2.Please be assured that the speed and signal are at their maximum however, your wireless device readout may not be displaying it correctly.  
3.Now try changing the wireless channel of High Power Router from 11 to 1 and try again. You may be able to see the wireless interference in your installation environment.

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