My Amped wireless keeps showing me red light after doing a setup, how to get it setup?

The first step is to look for a favorable location to set up the connection between your wireless router and your wireless dead zone.


The Range extender should be placed in a location where it can easily receive the strong signal from your Wireless Router

  1. 1.You need to connect your wireless devices such as PC or any tablet you’re using to the Range Extender
  2. 2.Take that included antenna and attached it. Now you need to plug the Range Extender into a power outlet, ensure the active electric current in the outlet.
  3. 3.To connect your devices to the Range Extender’s Wi-Fi network: Amped_REC15A_2.4 or Amped_REC15A_5.0
  4. 4.Open any web browser of your choice
  5. 5.Into the browser’s URL/ address bar, enter the setup web address:
  6. 6.In case of URL failure and it doesn’t open, you can also try IP address:
  7. 7.Do not use Firefox, we recommended browsers you should use are Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (8.0 and up).
  8. 8.Once logged in, you’ll see the user interface Dashboard
  9. 9.The Dashboard has everything to show the current status of the Range Extender.
  10. 10.You need to click Scan to locate the nearby available networks to extend.
  1. 11.It will scan for a Home Network to Extend
  2. 12.Move the cursor to highlight the wireless network you wish to repeat and select it. For the users who have a dual-band router, you need to select BOTH the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network names.
  3. 13.We recommended selecting the wireless network whose signal strength is more than 70% as it will be the most reliable connection.
  4. 14.Selecting poor signal connections may cause slow speeds and even frequent drop-in connections.
  5. 15.Click Next to continue.
  6. 16.If you are not able to see your desired wireless network, you need to move the Range Extender close to the router and scan it again. This may resolve out of range issues.

Next up is to Configure Settings for your Extended Networks!

Know the IDs of your Extended Networks, it should be Amped_REC15A_2.4 and Amped_REC15A_5.0.If you decide to “Clone” the network settings from your Home Network, the wizard will also copy the SSID and its security key as well. Although, the SSID of the Extended Network will show a “_RE” at the ending of its name. Let us share an example for a better understanding.

For example:- The copied SSID name will be “HomeNetwork_RE” You can always opt to enter a new network ID and its password manually. For security reasons, set the new security key/ password with at least 8 characters. Click Next to apply the settings.


You need to let the countdown complete. DO NOT LEAVE OR REFRESH THIS PAGE. The wizard available on the screen will automatically redirect you to the next step.    

  1. 1.Connect to the New Extended Network
  2. 2.The Range Extender will reboot and disconnect the Wi-Fi connection during the countdown process. Therefore, you will need to reconnect your wireless device such as your computer or tablet to the new Extended Network. You can either connect it to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz Extended 3.Network or follow the instructions coming on the screen.
  3. 4.Once you are connected, check the box to9 confirm. A Next button will appear to allow you to complete the setup process. If there are any problems detected with configuration, the setup wizard will itself inform you to rescan the whole network to extend.
  4. 5.Yep. That’s it! The Range Extender is now successfully configured and your settings are also saved.
  5. 6.In case if you haven’t positioned your Range Extender in a favorable location yet, you should do it now. Don’t’ worry the settings of Range 7.Extender settings are saved and you can power it OFF for relocation
  6. 8.You can also opt to attach any wired network devices available to the wired port present at the bottom of the Range Extender.
  7. 9.We should tell you that while connecting to the 5GHz network it requires a 5GHz capable network adapter.

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