How to Setup the Amped Athena EX-AC2600 Router? Athena-EX High Power AC2600 is a High-Power extender. EX-AC2600 has an inbuilt ability to share information from distant places forming no dead zones during file transfer. There is no doubt that AC2600 extender is made to support your network, so that your router doesn’t reach any single difficulty. If you’re using it, you must have already experienced that AC2600 is a perfect fit for you AC2600 extender which allows it speed upto 1200Mbps while on the 2.4GHz band and 1800Mbps while on one of the 5GHz band.

Now let’s hop onto the setup process for Amped Athena EX-AC2600 Router

Following steps are to Setup the Amped Athena Ex-AC2600 Router via WPS button:

  1. First of all, connect your smart device with Amped wireless Athena. Make sure their connection is active. 
  2. Locate the WPS button on the Amped Wireless router, press and hold the WPS button for about 10 seconds. 

You need to check if the wireless signal LED of AC2600 Extender pulses the following moment, this proves the WPS button has started its process. After that, you can restart the WPS technique once again.

Following steps are to Setup the Amped Athena Ex-AC2600 Router via Wired connection:

  1. Take an ethernet cable to connect your computer and Amped Wireless Athena Extender Ex- AC2600. Make sure the internet connection is active. 
  2. You need to wait until Extender LED starts blinking.Once connected, you need to access
  3. Open any web browser you use and enter or web address in the URL bar of the program and press enter.
  4. Alternatively you can try accessing the default IP address or These addresses enter you to the Amped Wireless Setup dashboard of Amped EX-AC2600 WiFi range extender.
  5. If in case you are not able to access the default web address of the Amped wireless router then type the default login username and password for AC2600 extender to login to the dashboard.

Note: You will notice a rundown available close to the wireless systems on the Amped extender arrangement dashboard screen.

  1. Type username and password to get access to the Login page/ User GUI.
  2. Create a unique and SSID remote name and also set up a strong password for the Amped extender wireless system.
  3. X out of the Amped Wireless Setup methodology.

How to update firmware of Amped Wireless EX-AC2600 Router With Amped Ally App?

This one’s also no rocket science especially with our easy and descriptive steps. Read the whole guide below to get it done yourself at home! If you find any trouble doing that, please get help form the chat section to avoid Amped router damage. 

  1. Get onto your smart device like your computer and launch any web browser. 
  2. Here you can enter in its URL/ address bar. 
  3. Fill in the username and password and get yourself logged in. 
  4. Go to advanced settings. Click onto the firmware updates.  
  5. The router will look for fresh updates, you’ll get it in a couple of moments.
  6. If not, download the latest version of firmware from the official website
  7. Save it to a place where you can remember, we advise the desktop.
  8. Now get back to the Amped router settings, select the settings and afterward on the firmware update.
  9. The user also gets the new security applications additionally.
  10. After this, set the plan for the auto-update.
  11. Get ready for the firmware execution/ in simple terms run the setup.
  12. The user has now effectively refreshed the firmware.

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